Disaster Response

When everything is falling apart and the walls are coming down we want to be among those who come running. While each disaster is unique and requires careful and measured consideration about the most effective responses, we believe that willingness and preparation are essential precursors to any action. At Welcome Home our team has responded to disasters in Asia and Africa following typhoons, earthquakes, and cyclones. Much of our response is geared around expertise in safe water solutions, but we look for other opportunities to meet pressing needs where possible. We thrive in partnership and often work hand in hand with other organizations as we fund, plan, and implement our solutions. You won’t see us responding to every natural disaster around the world, but we carefully consider them as they come up and you can expect to see us taking part when we feel we’re equipped and able to make a worthwhile contribution to the collective effort. Your giving towards Welcome Home helps to fund these efforts both through ongoing donations that help us be prepared to respond and through our specific fundraising campaigns as a response is developing.



Check out this short video from our cyclone response in Mozambique: